Support Groups for Mold Victims

by Charlie

Under the shower faucet

Under the shower faucet

Mold is becoming a problem for most American home owners, mostly due to building practices and materials used. Baby-boomers build houses at monumental levels, using mostly cheap, processed, materials, that often were stored or processed in damp or moldy environments. Processed wood, and sheetrock are fantastic breeding grounds for mold, when the become damp. The dampness gives the dry airborne spores, a place to settle, stick, and grow. These porous materials are cellulous based materials and are perfect breeding grounds for mold growth and prosperity.

What most people do not realize is that because mold prefers stagnant, dark and damp places, that it can grow, literally out of control, within any wall structure that has ever absorbed any quantity of water, long enough to stay even slightly damp for more than 48 hours. Because mold spores ALWAYS exist in the air, naturally, it is virtually impossible to create an environment that is completely mold free. Ultra-violet lighting and ammonia are two ways to assure a mold free environment, but is neither healthy for living matter, and both can cause long-term damage. Ammonia, along with adequate ventilation, is probably the best and safest way to kill mold, as any other method (besides UV) will trigger an all out war with the existing mold.

Mold is a living organism. It will fight back! As mold grows, it reaches a state of reproduction, and releases spores (essentially seeds) into the air. The more ideal the conditions are, the more spores it will produce. Both the mold and it's spores can contain various highly lethal and carcinogenic toxins. These toxins are the mold's defense and future. Even when mold and it's spore are killed, these toxins remain, and continue to do as they were intended. What mold kills, it eats. When it feels threatened it increases the production of toxins, and as discovered (for biological warfare purposes) it will add the toxins it eats to it's own arsenal of toxins, making it even more lethal.

What makes mold such a dangerous threat is the amount of time it takes to realize the damage it has done. What you see, is only the beginning of a process that can take decades to stop, or reverse. Unfortunately many victims simply believe that by cleaning away visible mold, their health related problem will go away. This is an extremely sad misbelief. If mold is visible, it is in an unfavorable environment. It is in an area where you can SEE it, meaning light is present. It also means that air movement also exists, which interferes with it's ability to colonize. which in turn makes an important stage of it's reproduction more difficult. If you can see it, it has colonized. What this means is that there is a near-certainty, that larger colonies of mold exist elsewhere within the environment, in more favorable places.

If you have been to a health practitioner, who has diagnoses you with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Girt, Rosacea, Asthma, or any other nerve or reparatory disorder and can not tell you what the specific cause is, you may have just been enlightened! Mold is a huge problem, because proper testing is not only expensive, but currently is more than often out ruled. Some of the tests can actually be done at your local hospital, but because insurance companies will not pay for these tests, they are seldom ever even considered. Mold can cause serious illness and even death. However, because no actual proof yet exists, the CDC will not acknowledge it as such a threat, nor will they allow it to be recognized as such due to the lawsuits that will follow.

There ARE answers however, but you, and you alone must search for them. You will learn life saving recognition of this growing health risk. A good source to read is You can also follow this website on Twitter.


We agree that mold is an underrated problem that many sufferers don't even realize is causing their health problems. If you suspect mold, it is important to have a professional inspect your home. They make a living finding mold, especially hidden mold. Just because you don't see mold doesn't mean there isn't any. To set up a free home inspection from a local mold specialist, just follow the link to our form. The inspection is free, you only pay if you decide to hire them to remove the mold.

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Oct 22, 2019
I am near defeat
by: Anonymous

I have mold in my ears, in my eyes and in my lungs. I am bleeding internally and feel so weak and exhausted from exposure to black mold. I have been to many doctors, they don't believe me and that this is all related to mold, for months I have been to doctor after doctor, they give me medications but I still have all these problems, sometimes I feel like I am on fire. Thank you for this important work you do and helping people like me.

Jul 11, 2019
Feeling so sad and alone
by: Cathy

Just bought a new home six weeks ago and noticed my health getting worse since moving here. Then 3 weeks ago found black mold, dry black mold under the carpet in the hall. I feel so defeated I just want to walk away from the place, but I have no where to go and reading the posts I may end up moving into another moldy spot. I wish there was some agency that could help us to recover from this situation.

Jun 12, 2019
Feeling defeated, can’t find a clean place to live after 3 1/2 years of living in this moldy environment
by: Tawnee

I’m having a really hard time making decisions, and can’t find a clean environment to live in. Does anybody have a clean guest house? 🙉

May 01, 2019
Recovery for a mom and 2 kids
by: Anonymous

Is there any place that can help me and my kids? We lost everything because of mold, even our clothes. I don't have the money to replace it and I was a renter.

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