Public Housing Tenant Sick from Mold

by Diann

BEING NEGLECTED MISTREATED AND LESS THAN HUMAN PUBLIC HOUSING TENANT MOLD ISSUE 20 YEARS I am so relieved to find a website with others who have come across a mold problem in their living space.

I live in Public Housing raised my Son from 4 years old to now a Handsome 23yr old who is now living at the dorm where he attends college. Since the day we moved in until this moment this public housing apartment the first moment it rained the water would sit. If you wet vac came right back. Well the Maintenance Dept makes you feel like you are bothering them or reporting to the Housing Office that they are not doing their job. Its actually bullying. You could imagine 20 years of this viscous circle of calling maintenance who basically says you will have to wait for it to dry up..and have a good weekend. I have no sump pump in my basement. I was told my adjoining neighbor 80yrs now suffering from lung infection on top of additional lung issues She was strong as an Ox no joke in her mid 70s. As well as myself who was always strong and still was up to about a year ago. I am now seeing a Rheumatologist for horrid joint paint and swelling along with numbness in my hands and feet. It turns my stomach just even writing this. This is first time seeing it in black and white. Im watching us deteriorate thank God my Son is in the dorms but I can imagine if any future problems...I cant even talk about it. Id die for my Son Im sure any Mother would. I am the one who is in contact going into the basement actually touch and cleaning when I would throw down cardboard baking soda and white vinegar. When all that has to be hauled out and new put down its me who does it all. Luckily I spoiled my child..I never thought Id say that.
Ive been in touch with the Housing Office many times written letters kindly asking for help....nothing. Until one day Tony from maintenance come stomping across the grass in the back as Im doing one of my clean out the cardboard sessionmassive headache from breathing it inofcourse. The office called him yet once again in the viscous circle...he was BULL**** And asks whats going to make you happy????Do you want your own wet vac and a mold inspector???he says this is rainwater and its harmless. I wanted to sayscoop up a glass and have a drink This is last year so I grew outspoken at 51 lol.

Long story short week later got brand new wet vac delivered and 2wks later mold inspector with just a clipboard came... he told me mold doesnt grow on cement but if i do happen to have any its on my items only and not the floor walls or ceiling ....PLEASE they left and i never heard anything again. UNTIL city was having sump pump program and us the low income public housing people were going to be included. They dug up the ground infront of my apartment..I was staying at my Aunts who had terminal lung cancer. I was running back inforth over 2 month period. Project was finished when i saw the basement there were new large white pipes going from each neighbor on either side of me and then out my apartment basement foundation. They put the dirt back over the pipe that ran underground to street. NO SUMP PUMP STILL NOW IM TAKING ON BOTH NEIGHBORS DRAINAGE Its worse than ever my entire basement is almost covered. I open the bulked daily to change air. Called BOARD OF HEALTH its not their jurisdiction im told. Well i asked for advice what to do...WE ARE GETTING SICKER AND SICKER

I spoke to the new Public Housing Director who was actually very kind..thats a first in the case of the office staff and maintenance dept treatment. Well that was few days ago and he is going to get to the bottom of it find out why i never go a sump pump....he also said he have a cleaning crew after prob was fixed. Maintenance and the Office could have done something in there 20ys. Other resolutions exist.. Thank All you guys for any advise you offer. And sorry about my horrid typing skills I hope everyone is safe that has gone through their own mold issue...Again Thank You I appreciate this site for letting me vent. I hope I didnt offend anyone in the process I apologize in advance if I did.

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