Mold Removal Products Guide

Mold removal products

We are often asked about the best mold removal products and if things like bleach or vinegar will work as well as mold remover. People want to save money if they can, of course, and they also want to use products that are readily available. At the same time, they want products that really work. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your energy and giving the mold more time to spread to other areas of your home.

Recommended Products

If you’ve got a household mold problem, we recommend using an antimicrobial product like Foster 40-80, which is designed to kill most types of mold, including black mold or toxic mold. Seventh Generation makes some good products for removing mold, as well. You can find these products at most home improvement stores. Be sure to read and follow all directions on the label carefully, both to ensure that you remove mold properly and to protect yourself from harm. 

Wear gloves when handling products used to remove mold. Make sure the area is ventilated adequately before using these kinds of products. Other safety precautions should be taken, as well, when removing mold. Consult with a mold removal professional if you aren’t sure about the steps you need to take to do the job safely.

Be aware that even the best mold removers are not effective on all types of materials; for instance, it is virtually impossible to remove mold completely from porous materials like insulation, carpet, mattresses, couch cushions, and other types of fabric. If you have mold on materials such as these, they will need to be removed and replaced, as they cannot be adequately cleaned.

Mold Removal Products That Aren’t Effective

Many people believe bleach is an effective mold remover, but it is only effective on non-porous surfaces. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the company that manufactures Clorox bleach recommend against using bleach to remove mold on porous surfaces like wood or drywall. Other products some people use to try to remove mold include vinegar, tea tree oil, Borax, and assorted household cleaners. None of these are truly effective products for mold removal on porous surfaces. 

Even if surfaces look clean, the roots of the mold may remain that are not visible to the naked eye. Most kinds of mold grow and spread rapidly and you may soon end up with a much bigger mold problem on your hands. Using ineffective mold removers doesn’t just waste time and money; it allows a relatively minor mold problem to grow into a very serious problem.

For More Information

For more information about mold remover, we recommend the ebook A Homeowner’s Guide to Performing Mold Remediation by mold remediation expert Brian Turner.  In the book, Mr. Turner explains in detail how to effectively remove mold and provides recommendations for effective mold removal products. He also describes in detail all of the safety precautions that should be taken during the mold removal process in order to prevent exposing yourself to serious health risks, so it’s an excellent read for any homeowner considering handling a mold removal job on his or her own.

For personalized information and advice, you can also schedule a free consultation with a mold removal professional, who will visit your home, assess the situation, and offer professional advice about the best products to use for your specific needs. A professional can also let you know if particular materials can be cleaned or if they must be discarded and replaced. Even if you plan to do the work yourself, you can benefit from some free expert advice about the job. For a list of qualified mold removal professionals offering free in-home consultations in your area, just follow the link.

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