Insurance For Mold Remediation

Do you have insurance for mold remediation? Not all homeowners insurance policies include mold remediation insurance and it’s not something you want to find out you don’t have coverage for only after you discover you have a serious mold problem in your home.

Homeowners Insurance for Mold

Mold remediation can be very costly and many homeowners find it difficult to afford, but since household mold can have serious negative effects on your health and on the health of your family members, it can be a necessary expense.

Read your homeowners insurance policy careful to make sure you understand what it will and will not cover. Contact your insurance agent if you have any questions. Some policies exclude coverage for mold remediation altogether. Others cover mold remediation only under specific circumstances, usually if the mold results from a sudden and accidental event that is covered. They often won’t cover mold that results from neglected home maintenance. Some limit the amount they will pay for mold remediation, and the limit may be a lot lower than the average cost of mold remediation in your area. If your policy does not currently cover mold remediation, you may be able to purchase additional insurance for mold remediation if you wish to be covered.

Do You Need Mold Remediation Insurance?

Anyone can experience a household mold problem. Mold typically grows in damp places, so you can help prevent mold growth by repairing any leaky pipes, leaky window frames, or leaks in your roof right way. Make sure you have adequate ventilation in your bathroom when you shower; turn on a fan or open a window if necessary. If your basement feels damp or has a musty odor, use a dehumidifier. While these preventative measures can help prevent a mold problem from developing, they are not a guarantee that it won’t happen. Buying insurance for mold remediation is the only way to make sure you’re protected if a problem does occur. Keep in mind that mold remediation can cost $15,000 or more, depending on the severity of the problem.

If you live in an area with a lot of heavy storms, your home may be more likely than average to suffer storm damage. If heavy winds or a falling tree limb damage your roof, for instance, during a storm, you’re going to end up with water damage. Mold may result. If you live in such an area, you may want to seriously consider purchasing mold remediation insurance. You’ll have to weigh the risks of a mold problem against the cost of the insurance.

Mold remediation insurance

If you live in an area prone to flooding, you should make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers flooding (many policies don’t; you usually have to pay extra for that coverage). You should also make sure your policy will cover mold remediation, at least if the mold problem is a result of flooding, because household mold is extremely common after a home has been flooded. If you live in a flood zone, chances are good you’ll need that mold remediation coverage one day.

Mold Remediation Professionals

When homeowners insurance does cover mold remediation, it typically requires you to use a certified mold remediation professional. Certified mold remediation professionals generally offer free consultations and inspections, after which they will provide a detailed written estimate for you and your insurance company. Make sure you check with your insurance agent so that you follow all their procedures correctly; otherwise you may have trouble getting them to pay, even if your policy covers mold remediation. Most mold remediation professionals are accustomed to working with insurance companies, though, and can assist you in filing your claim. Click here to find certified mold remediation professionals offering free consultations in your area.

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