How To Kill Black Mold

If you’re wondering how to kill black mold, we’ve got the information you need.  You need to use the proper mold removal techniques, as well as the right black mold remover product, in order to successfully eliminate black mold from your home. Black mold, technically known as stachybotrys chartarum, is associated with a large number of health problems, so it’s imperative that you kill all traces of mold in your home to protect yourself and your family members.

How to Kill Black Mold

Before you begin, you will need to put on protective gear, including disposable gloves, disposable hair and shoes covers, and an N-95 respirator mask (available at home improvement and hardware stores). Wear clothing you can launder in hot water as soon as you finish your work. That’s because the process of cleaning up black mold disperses microscopic mold spores into the air, which can make you sick if you touch them or inhale them.

To prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas of the home, mold remediation experts recommend sealing off your work area. If you’re removing mold in a small area, like a bathroom, you can simply shut the door and then tape a heavy sheet of plastic over it. Tape plastic over any heating or ventilation ducts, too. If you’re working in a large room, you will need to use large sheets of heavy plastic to block off a small area in which you’ll be working.

Use an antimicrobial mold removal product (see recommendations below) and a scrub brush or rag to remove black mold from non-porous surfaces like tubs, toilets, tile, metal, and glass. Clean the surrounding area as well to make sure you remove all mold spores, even if you can’t see them.

How to kill black mold

It’s much more difficult, and often impossible, to completely remove mold from porous surfaces like drywall, wood, insulation, carpet, and ceiling tiles. Often, those materials must be removed and replaced because it’s simply too difficult to kill all the black mold growing on and in them. The label on your antimicrobial mold killer should indicate on what surfaces it can be effectively used. If in doubt about whether or not something can be adequately cleaned, play it safe and remove and replace it.

Remember that black mold spreads easily from one area to another, so if you find black mold growing in one part of your home, inspect the rest of your home carefully for more mold. 

Recommended Black Mold Remover Products

We recommend using an antimicrobial product like Foster 40-80 to kill black mold. Ordinary household cleaners usually won’t do the job adequately. Some people use a mixture of bleach and water, but the Environmental Protection Agency says that bleach is not effective on porous surfaces. Bleach may damage some types of surfaces, as well. Read the instructions on the package about how to kill black mold and follow all instructions carefully for best results. Make sure to follow all safety precautions outlined on the package, as well.

Here is a comparison of products to use to kill mold.

Assistance with Black Mold Remediation

If you need help dealing with black mold in your home, you can call in a mold remediation professional. Even if you plan to do the mold cleanup yourself, you might want to schedule a free consultation with a professional. You can get some free expert advice about how to kill black mold and about the best black mold remover product for the job. To find experienced mold remediation professionals near you, follow the link. There is no cost for the initial in-home consultation, so you have nothing to lose.

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