Federal Ranger exposed to toxic mold due to faulty AC Unit

by Jeanne Phin
(Vinton VA)

I was exposed to toxic mold as a Federal Ranger at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Due to a Faulty AC unit, the moisture was flowing inside the walls instead of outdoors in the drainage system. I was exposed for several months before the black mold became apparent. I was told at an all-hands meeting by my supervisor that the mold remediator told her that Black mold is a media sensation and she winked at me like I was the village idiot.

I could not catch a good breath, and I am still exhausted. I suffered hair loss, a heart attack, arrhythmia, tachycardia, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and a carcinoma mass on my right kidney that caused me to have my right kidney removed. I had heart surgery for arrhythmia, vomiting, flu-like symptoms, metallic taste in my mouth, tested high for mold allergies, food allergies, IBS, and cannot control my bladder. I also now suffer from anxiety and depression.

I have lost my job as a Federal Ranger due to not being physically fit to be a Federal Ranger any longer. I was medivac to Flag Staff due to Kidney Failure, at a cost of $60,000. The medical bills are about $300,000 and workers comp denies my claim despite the air quality report stating very clearly my air quality was poisoned by toxic mold, and that I was supposed to be supplied with protective safety gear including a respirator and trained on its use. My health is greatly diminished, my emotional well being is gone, and the financial devastation has left me completely broke and in debt.

I finally found an environmental specialist in the field of mold, Doctor Lawson. She found mold in my blood, feces, and urine. I am now determining if the mold broke through my blood-brain barrier, which is highly likely. Apparently very small amounts of breathed in molds can cause these health symptoms and death. I suffered from gross negligence and I am paying the price.

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Jan 22, 2020
Get an attorney
by: Anonymous

I would suggest that, with your medical evidence and paper trail, that you obtain a solid personal injury attorney. Then, there is the labor board, the town, the state, it's a lot of work, I know. Check out mold doctor specialists, including world renowned Ritchie Shoemaker. Don't give up.

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